Obtaining Textbooks

You may purchase your textbooks through the IU Bookstore, or (unless otherwise indicated) through an independent retailer. Be advised, however, that there may be multiple editions of the same textbook on the market. Please be sure that the texts you purchase have the same ISBN numbers as those listed on the syllabus.

You may call the IU Bookstore at 812.856.0298 to order your texts or may purchase them online at http://iub.bncollege.com:

  1. Click on “Textbooks” at the top of the page, then choose “Find Textbooks.”
  2. Under the tab “Term,” choose the bottom choice, HighSchool.
  3. Under the tab “Department,” choose SOCS.
  4. Under the tab “Course,” choose 31A-I.
  5. Under the tab “Section,” choose HIGHSCHOOL.
  6. Click the “FIND MATERIALS FOR 1 COURSE” button towards the bottom to go to the purchase page.
  7. You should now see a textbook picture plus the correct title, ISBN etc. At the right side, click the drop-down arrow to choose your format (new or used), then click “ADD 1 ITEM(S) TO CART”.
  8. Choose whether to create an account or not, then complete your purchase by following the prompts.